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Film: Lex Kerssemakers about the cluster organisation

Volvo Cars is moving towards a new, more open way of organising. Hear Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President at EMEA, explain how it makes us use our potential better.

Mastering the power of partnerships

Leadership in areas such as connectivity, autonomous drive and electrification demands heavy investments. This is why Volvo Cars uses partnerships to advance the development in key technological and commercial areas – and the company is not looking for second best.

List: Volvo’s 10 fastest-growing markets

Volvo Cars sells more cars than ever around the world. But in which important markets has Volvo Cars grown the most? Find out here.

“Like a dream come true”

It is getting close. Pre-production of the new Volvo S60 will start in the first half of 2018. Hear what Katarina Fjording, head of Manufacturing in the US, has to say about the opening of Volvo Cars’ new plant in Charleston.

The growth journey – word by word

To get a clear picture of Volvo Cars’ growth journey during recent years, a good starting point is to understand what all those financial words really mean. Read this list and be the expert next time a quarterly report is released.

Preparing for a disruptive change

How do we prepare for a future where fewer and fewer people want to own a car? Volvo Cars Mobility is one of Volvo Car Group’s newest family members – and Global Stories talked to its Chief Executive Officer Bodil Eriksson about the future.

The secret behind the Excellence success

Did you know that Volvo Cars’ Excellence offer is most successful in India? Here is the secret behind the success.

“The future has never been closer”

The electric vehicle has been on the automakers’ radar for more than a decade. But what makes experts so certain that a shift is happening right now?

The accessories business is going digital too

Towing hooks, wheels, styling kits and rubber mats are still accessories in vogue among Volvo owners – but as Volvo Cars’ transformation journey accelerates, digital products and new business models open up new opportunities also in the aftermarket.

The desk where it all started

The joint desk of Volvo’s founding partners Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson is a symbol of the company’s history. But actually, the Volvo saga started 90 years ago over a dish of crayfish at Sturehof restaurant in Stockholm.