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Capturing the essence of Scandinavian nature

Designing new Volvo cars, exterior designer T. Jon Mayer translates the peacefulness of the Swedish nature into his work.
“Repositioning Volvo Cars to Scandinavian luxury has been a dream come true,” he says.

A story about the smart storage in the new XC40

Volvo Cars now reveals how an innovative interior design approach in the upcoming XC40 puts an end to the lack of suitable and functional storage space inside cars. This film shows how the design team declares the end of clutter by making sure that you have everything within arms-reach but also out of sight.

A colourful taste of the new XC40

The new colourful Volvo XC40, Volvo Cars’ first ever entry in the small premium SUV segment, will be a distinctive car for a distinctive driver. In this film, Volvo Cars hints how the XC40 moves into new areas by giving the design team freedom to use a wider selection of colours and materials. The result is a car with a vibrancy, individuality and playfulness that the segment currently lacks.

One global team – one design

They are separated by vast oceans, but are still close colleagues. Connecting design teams in Sweden, China and the United States is key for creating a truly global car, maintaining a strong base in the Scandinavian heritage.