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List: All Volvo estates through the years – which is your...

Volvo Cars is famous for a lot of things, one of them being our family estates. From the introduction of the classic Duett in 1953 to the grandiose V90, here are all Volvo estates through the years. Flick through the list and vote for your favourite!

The desk where it all started

The joint desk of Volvo’s founding partners Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson is a symbol of the company’s history. But actually, the Volvo saga started 90 years ago over a dish of crayfish at Sturehof restaurant in Stockholm.

90 years of Volvo Cars in 240 seconds

Volvo Cars has created a lot of beautiful cars through the years. Don't miss this heritage film showing 90 years of the company's history, culminating with the new XC60.

List: Our most important car models

In 2017, 90 years have passed since the first Volvo model rolled through the factory doors. Which models have been most important? Here, Per-Åke Fröberg at Volvo Cars Heritage lists his ten favourites – and three models that didn’t become a success.

Changing the game

90 years of innovations and ground-breaking features. We asked three specialists from different areas of expertise to list their very own Volvo Cars top three.