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Chassis Assembler becomes Financial Controller for a day

In this second Job Swap episode from the new Charleston plant, Chassis Assembler Joseph Maxwell becomes Financial Controller for a day.

Financial Controller heads out on the factory floor in Charleston

Job Swap has come to Volvo Cars’ newly opened plant in Charleston, US. Here Financial Controller Hans Hedetoft tries assembly worker Joseph Maxwell's job on the factory floor.

Watch the engineer conduct a job interview

How does exterior trim engineer Calvin Liu react when he is challenged by recruiter Alex Xu to hold a job interview? Find out in episode 8 of Volvo Cars Job Swap.

Recruiter gets to work as exterior trim engineer

Job Swap has arrived in China. First up is the recruiter Alex Xu who try out Calvin Liu's job as an exterior trim engineer. Among other things she gets to help out with the quality inspection of a tailgate roof spoiler prototype.

Swap to the machines in the engine plant

Software engineer Neda Nickmehr steps out of her comfort zone and goes to the engine plant in Skövde, to try out the job as machine operator. A challenge she tackles with courage. Also in-depth article about the job as machine operator at the camshaft department.

Going from real engines to digital ones – trying the job...

In the third job swap we start in Gothenburg, Sweden, where machining supervisor Tobias Ahlander tries Neda Nickmehr's job as virtual test engineer. To go from the engine plant to programming by the computer is a big step. Also learn more about the virtual test engineer profession.

Trying the job as auditor – a guardian of quality

It's time for weldmaster Sven Vanden Eeden to try Ivan Verwulgen's job as auditor in the Volvo Car Gent factory. Auditors performs quality check of factory-complete cars, checking literally everything from top to bottom. And Sven quickly gets to contribute to the quality output. Also in-depth article about the audit job.

Swapping to weldmaster for a day

Second job swap is up. First auditor Ivan Verwulgen in Ghent, Belgium, try out Sven Vanden Eeden's job as a weldmaster. Checking thousands of weld spots, calibrating robots and tearing a car apart are some of the things done. Also an article going more in depth in the weldmaster profession.

Trying out the job as assembler at Special Vehicles

In episode 2 of the Job Swap series, surface designer Anders Magnusson visits Special Vehicles to try Britta Gabriel's job as an assembler for a day. After two minutes he has done more physical labour than a full normal day at the office. Also learn more about working at Special Vehicles.

Premiere for Volvo Cars’ new TV series

What happens when two persons with totally different professions swap jobs? In this first episode we follow assembler Britta Gabriel as she tries on Anders Magnusson's job as a surface designer. A job she pictures as quite relaxed – but soon discovers is quite the opposite. Also read more about the surface designer job.