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A Volvo saved my life story

A customer in Costa Rica fell a sleep behind the wheel of his Volvo XC90 and crashed into a wall. He woke up when hitting the airbag, and could walk out of the car with only some burned hairs on the back of his hand from the airbag deployment.

A Volvo saved my life story

"It feels like I got a second life thanks to Volvo." The words come from a South Korean customer who was in a severe car crash in his S90, but could step out unharmed.

The story of the Volvo Saved My Life Club

The Volvo Saved My Life Club is maybe the most emotionally charged part of Volvo Cars’ global community. Its members in the US, China and other parts of the world are united by the belief that a Volvo has saved their life, or the life of their loved ones, in a severe car crash.

A Volvo saved my life story

An Austrian Volvo driver shared his amazing story with us. He had a horrible accident with his XC60. Luckily he got out of the car and walked away with only some small injuries.

Taking lifesaving technology to a new level

They were within a hair’s breadth from crashing into another car. But thanks to the car’s braking and stability systems that enabled evasive action, Linda Gustafsson and her father made it without a scratch. In the new Volvo XC60, the technology is taken further than ever before.

XC40 sets a new standard for safety

The new XC40, Volvo Cars’ first ever small premium SUV, brings a new standard of safety and user experience to its segment. This film treats you to a sneak peek at its outstanding safety, connectivity and infotainment features.

Pulitzer winner’s new camera device: The XC60 car

Volvo Cars has its own way of doing things, the Volvo way. This is certainly true for its brand communication where the company has teamed up with agency Forsman and Bodenfors to develop several chapters in the Made by Sweden campaign. This time, the car is the work tool for multiple Pulitzer Prize awarded photographer Barbara Davidson.

A Volvo saved my life story

A Brazilian customer in a brand new XC60 rounded a corner, and two cows appeared on the road. The Large Animal Detection system slowed the car down, but a severe collision was unavoidable. Luckily, the driver could walk out of the car unharmed.