Global Company

Episode 1

In this TV series we will follow four of our colleagues who are on a mission to discover the new global Volvo Cars. What will they find?


Episode 2

Mark and Cherie head out to the Swedish forest while Nana and Anton meet a woman who was in a severe car crash. Will these experiences give them a deeper understanding of our identity?


Episode 3

Our explorers are in Ghent, Belgium, to witness one of the very first XC40 pre-production cars roll off the assembly line. The explorers also visit the new plant in Daqing, China.

New Customers

Episode 4

The exploring continues. In Shanghai, Mark and Nana get to meet a customer with a passion for sports cars, to ask her why she chooses Volvo. Then the explorers go to the US, where they get insights about how we approach customers.


Episode 5

The explorers go to Charleston to see the new plant and learn why it is important to our business. But first, Swedish engineer Anton faces something he never has experienced before.


Episode 6

In the last episode, Mark from Irvine in California shows the other explorers a hidden gem in Laguna Hills, Los Angeles. Here, the explorers meet to sum up their experiences from last year – what has been the most memorable part of the journey?